Why high-quality packaging matters for your brand

Why high-quality packaging matters for your brand

High-quality packaging is essential for any brand. First of all, it is critical for safety, as it shields the product from UV rays and other potentially hazardous elements. Also, it keeps oils and fats from leaking and preserves the integrity during transit, while in storage and on the shelf. Secondly, packaging plays a vital role in helping goods meet compliance requirements with safety rules and regulations. This is especially true for food, beverage, confectionery and personal care products, which require high- quality packaging to ensure that organoleptic qualities are maintained. Packaging using materials that keep the customer and their family safe increases brand trust[1].

High- quality packaging is also a powerful marketing tool to convey the values and vision of your brand and forge a relatable, instantly recognizable brand identity. Customers tend to associate a brand’s image with how its products are packaged — a factor that often results in increased sales. According to a Bain & Company study, 60–80% of consumers do not go back to the same business even if they were satisfied with the product[2]. No matter how wonderful your product is, nothing will set you apart from your competitors if there is no "wow" factor — and that’s when packaging comes into play.

The customer journey needs to be memorable if you want them to remember your brand. In light of this, it's easy to overlook the importance of quality packaging, but it has a huge impact on the customer experience. Whether the purchase takes place online or in a store, every customer journey starts with packaging. High- quality packaging is therefore key to establishing trust with new customers and creating brand loyalty among repeat buyers

Not only is high quality packaging crucial to retention, but also instrumental when it comes to winning new customers. Packaging is what people see first and can make or break their impression of your brand. Eye-catching packaging will help your product stand out on the crowdest shelf and generate views through unboxing videos. Recent studies show that almost 40% of consumers will post pictures of packaging on social media if it is intriguing or gift-like[3]

Whether we are talking about a chocolate praline, a candy, a gum or a soap bar, the quality of its packaging will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in the customer’s perception. ACMA, a company that has been present for almost 100 years on the market, leader in the world of confectionery and soap wrapping, has made quality its flag. Because of this, engineering at ACMA has always been focused on quality to give the product the luster it deserves and enhance the end-user experience, producing it also at high speeds.
Generally speed and quality are inversely correlated, but this does not happen at ACMA. Thanks to continuous refinements on its machines and solutions, production efficiency is guaranteed: speed and quality go hand in hand.

Packaging confectionery products with ACMA

Wrapping confectionery products require special care to deliver a satisfying customer experience. Because of this, you need an innovative portfolio of technologies with high quality packaging, flexibility and excellent reliability. Here comes ACMA.

ACMA’s wrapping machines are top quality solutions, capable of managing a wide range of products in various sizes and shapes (both flat and round). Thanks to the specialized know-how in wrapping technology engineering and a deep expertise in their production, ACMA can offer in its portfolio a remarkable variety of wrapping machines for chocolate and candy products, most of which are able to handle more than one style with the same machine. In this way, it is possible to choose from a large variety of wrapping styles, each one unique thanks to ACMA's gentle material handling and folding precision. The final result is an impeccable packaging that makes the end customer’s experience pleasant and special.
ACMA’s confectionery wrapping offer is all united by a common theme: quality at high speed. Flat styles include double twist, protected double twist, twist on side, boero, portfolio / portfolio with banderol, napolitains, bunch and, last but not least, fancy. Round styles include double twist, rolled eggs and rolled sphere.

ACMA gums and candy wrapping machines are JW 700, HW 900, HW 950, GW 1000 and GS 1000, while CW 600 F, CW 800 R, CW 850 F – M and CW 1005 are for chocolate pralines, with speed ranging from 600 to 1000 ppm

Soap bars and solid beauty packaging with ACMA

ACMA wrapping technology for soap bars and solid beauty may uses two different layers of material to ensure product preservation. This technology is naturally eco-friendly because it makes it possible to employ recyclable and green materials (paper-based or plastics that can be recycled, such as BOPP, PP, and OPP).

Even if soap wrapping is a packaging style more standard than confectionery ones, the wrapping process must consider different technical details: the awkward handling of the packaging material, the precision in the folds and the flexibility in the management of various product sizes and shapes. ACMA’s portfolio can easily offer different solutions, from low to high speeds, with the guarantee to satisfy every customer’s needs and the high standards required to realize the perfect and long-lasting soap bars packaging.

ACMA solid beauty and soap wrapping machines are SW 250, SW 350, SW 550 - Z, SW 600 - D and SW 700 - D. These machines have an ergonomic design with cantilevered execution, gentle product handling and quick size conversion, with speed ranging from 250 to 700 ppm.

Sustainability with ACMA

Purchase decisions made by consumers are significantly influenced by packaging. A whopping 67 percent of consumers say that product packaging influences their purchase decisions[4]. Nowadays, another priority is emerging in the minds of the consumers: the environment. As they become more concerned about this topic, they choose recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging, a new fundamental trend that all FMCG producers must consider in their business strategy.

Any brand that wants to accomplish environmental goals and keep its product appealing must therefore focus on sustainable packaging. Nowadays, the main challenge for companies is to find new sustainable and machinable packaging materials and realize high quality packaging for their products, preserving the same eye-catching characteristics. If possible, the best solution should be to maintain the same installed base, extending the life of the existing packaging equipment and saving money.

Because of the physical characteristics of the green materials, more delicate and less elastic than the ones used for non-sustainable packaging, ACMA has decided to offer a concrete answer to its customers and packaging materials producers/converters: the Sustainability Lab. Launched in early 2021, the ACMA Sustainability Lab is an innovative system to test the machinability of cutting-edge packaging materials on different technologies, simulating industrial conditions of a running machine without the necessity to stop customers' production. Moreover, the project involves a powerful network, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience on sustainable packaging materials and engineering machine upgrade kits.

Last but not least, production efficiency is not an exclusive matter of speed: companies have the urgent need to understand and measure the impact of their assets on the planet. For this reason, ACMA has set up a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program for its machines. Part of the three pillars of ACMA’s sustainability strategy, ACMA's LCA measures the environmental impact of its machines, starting from the components and throughout their entire life cycles. The final goal is to give customers a tool to measure and improve the environmental impact of their production, potentially investing in new sustainable upgrade kits for their machinery.

If you want to explore ACMA’s portfolio of high-quality packaging machines, get in touch!

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