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Advanced technologies for your packaging

We have developed seven technologies focused on continuous innovation of the packaging and filling processes so as to remain at the forefront in satisfying our customers' needs. All applicable to consumer goods, their main focus is the shelf life of the products, maintaining their taste and aroma, and precisely applying the wrapping to a wide range of shapes and formats.

Fold Wrapping

A specialised technology for the confectionery and soap markets. The quality of the processes and our expertise in the handling of the products, as well as the flexibility of the many wrapping styles, sets it apart. Our machines are tough, durable and easy to maintain.


Tea Bags Packing

Our machines are highly flexible, allowing users to package a wide range of products and materials, and they also offer various end-of-line solutions. They guarantee high-quality performance, even at high speeds, as well as green - and safety-focused – solutions.


Cartoning & Box Filling

The stand-out feature of this technology is its flexibility of application in various sectors, combined with the quality of the processes and the durability of our machines. In particular, our superior expertise in the field of soap packaging is widely recognised, as we have refined the processes for managing this product type.


Flow packing

Our Flow Packing machines are recognised for their high performance and speed, as well as for their flexibility and toughness. These qualities combine with their precision in the packaging of the product and sealing of the wrapping, thus guaranteeing longer shelf life.

Pack_Flow Packing

Bottle Filling

This technology features great precision in filling and flexibility in handling different bottle, cap and liquid formats. Our extensive experience in Bottle Filling has made it possible for us to develop and advance the solutions we offer in terms of accessibility to the machines and extended maintenance intervals.


Tray & Sleeve Packing

Tray & Sleeve Packing is used, above all, in the food sector, and has developed into a highly flexible method for handling products of different sizes and shapes. Machines using this technology offer incredible ease of use and maintenance.


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