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Equipment Modernization

Extend lifetime, improve performance and enhance functionalities of your equipment

Equipment Modernization

Upgrades & Kits

ACMA offers a comprehensive portfolio of machine upgrades, aimed at increasing machine OEE through focused improvements on Availability, Quality and Performance. Our solutions have been designed and developed to maximize your return on investment

Equipment Modernization

Size and Change Over Parts

Our machines can handle products with different shapes and dimensions. ACMA supports you in defining the optimal shape and dimensional range, achieving the best trade off between design and handling. ACMA can provide change parts with the fastest delivery dates allowing quick time to market


Equipment Modernization

Rebuilding & Refurbishment

ACMA provides you a full range of rebuild solutions, from the lightest refurbishment of your machine up to a full rebuilding that will restore your machine almost to new condition. Our rebuilding proposal includes an initial machine checkup that will baseline the optimal rebuilding strategy on your machine 


Equipment Modernization

Control System Upgrade

ACMA offers a wide range of Electronic kits, that will upgrade your machine to the latest technological standards and functionalities, ensuring long term availability of electronic spare parts and preventing the risk of obsolescence

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