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Market Application

ACMA offers a huge choice of packaging for different consumer goods sectors. The versatility of our solutions allows us to satisfy our customers' most advanced requirements, ensuring the end product is always correctly handled. Our technologies find application in products ranging from food, tea, personal care, home care and chemicals.


We offer innovative wrapping solutions for sweets, chocolates, snacks and baked goods. We handle different wrappings and product styles which preserve the products' looks, taste and aroma, thanks to our innovative high-precision wrapping processes.



ACMA has significant expertise in handling Tea products, such as black and green tea, herbal teas and full leaf. We offer a range of packaging solutions, both primary and secondary (full line), which are suited to a huge range of materials, capsule types and tea bags. For tea, in particular, we offer numerous secondary packaging solutions. Our innovation is focused on improving the packaging processes, ensuring the products' organoleptic properties are preserved while paying particular attention to the environment.


Personal Care

ACMA offers solutions for filling bottles and vials for personal care products, guaranteeing high performance and precision even with unusual container formats, thanks to developments such as our anti-scratch solutions. Particular care is paid to the packaging of bars of soap, guaranteeing a high quality range of wrapping that shows the product at its best. 


Home Care

We are able to handle liquid and solid for the home care sector. Our machines handle different packaging materials and a wide range of bottle and caps formats, and we also offer a patented VLS system for handling liquid products with a tendency to foam.



In the chemicals sector, we offer solutions which guarantee the correct processing of liquid products, ensuring a high level of precision in terms of dosing and a wide range of solutions which adapt to bottles with different volumes.


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