Coesia E-commerce Solutions

With our expertise in the world of automation, Coesia is a solid partner for those companies operating in the e-commerce field and looking for automatic solutions for online orders fulfillment.

E-SWL is ACMA’s latest sleeve wrapper engineered for crafting fit-to-size paper bags suitable for e-commerce.

A go-to solution to automate the packaging fulfilment of SKUs that don't require specific protection, it is scalable, flexible, and user-friendly.

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ACMA’s new sleeve wrapping solution E-SWL soon revealed

E-SWL is an innovative solution designed for the production of customized envelopes for products that do not require special protection against impacts, significantly reducing the amount of packaging around the product. It also offers real-time customisation, making it possible to print and include any type of documentation inside the package.

The solution will be officially presented to customers soon at the company plant in Bologna, Italy. Stay tuned and ask for more information!

End-to-end solutions for e-commerce

A fast order fulfillment system capable of ensuring high quality standards and a satisfying customer experience is crucial for e-commerce operations.

Manual, repetitive tasks though can often hinder efficiency, leading to delays and mistakes.

This is where automatic solutions step in: robotic applications, for SKUs pick & place, can offer numerous advantages when seamlessly connected to box-on-demand solutions, for automated order fulfilment.

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