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You know better than most that packaging plays a very significant role in the Home Care and Personal Care industry. Whether you need to flow pack, fold-wrap or carton-package your soap bars or beauty solid products, ACMA has the best machine for the job. Our machines are engineered with ergonomic design and equipped with flexible technology that can handle your primary or secondary packaging with care, reliability and quality. As a player in the Home and Personal Care sector, your products need high-quality packaging that catches the eye of your end consumers. ACMA can promise you all that, and more. 

At ACMA, we can also customise our machines to meet your needs. What’s more, our machines are equipped with flow packing, fold wrapping and cartoning technologies that are very easy to clean and maintain, with a quick size changeover.

But what truly makes ACMA distinctive is firstly the possibility to manage different types of materials, including sustainable ones. Secondly, our universal feeding technology connects wrapping and cartoning machines to all soap stampers, allowing our machines to handle your packaging at the press of a button.

In short: ACMA has a top-of-the-range machine for you. So why not take a look at our machine portfolio today?

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