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Atlantic Zeiser


Atlantic Zeiser is a leading supplier of digital printing solutions for the packaging industry. Innovative digital printing uses drop-on-demand technology to create superior-quality individualization, serialization and personalization solutions – from primary packaging to late-stage customizing in the pack printing segment. Primarily for FMCG and Cosmetics, it develops tailored systems to facilitate the reliable, legally compliant, cost-efficient, and fast application of unique features to individual and mass products.

Atlantic Zeiser at ACMA Tea Days
Digiline Versa is a fully integrated and modular system for late stage customization and/or serialization of cartons in one single pass – monochrome or in color, enabling the production of many different country specific styles starting from almost blank carton, thus considerably reducing the number of carton variants to be managed with respect to procurement, storage space and stock keeping. Emerging demand for special or only in small quantities required styles, design changes and test batches are manufactured with shortest process time, close to demand and just in time.





Emmeci is world leader in the production of automatic lines to manufacture wrapped rigid cardboard boxes for the luxury segment. Emmeci’s offer is the result of the continuous evolution and the constant research of innovative solutions. It includes the state-of-the-art of technology for the production of ‘premium packaging’ for the different sectors of the market: accessories/fashion, cosmetics and perfumery; chocolate and confectionery; wines and liquors; sparkling wines and champagne; electronics and multimedia; jewellery and watches; pharmaceutical; crystal ware and home accessories; games. Such innovations are the expression of the industrial revolution which is taking place also in the world of packaging and which is leading to a more and more massive ‘digitalization’ as a mean to increase the efficiency of the production processes. Emmeci means ‘Made in Italy quality’: all the steps of the machinery production process take actually place inside the factory in Cerreto Guidi (Florence). Italy is the starting point for the success of Emmeci at a global level: thanks to its two branch offices, in Paris and in the U.S., and to its network of distributors in different countries of the world, Emmeci can boast a strong and undisputed international presence.




A world-class factory automation expert. Working closely with global customers, we provide innovative, automated solutions to produce goods smarter, safer and at lower operating costs. For more than 35 years, our solutions have enabled manufacturers, machine providers and system integrators to take control of production efficiency. Leading provider of high-end solutions to manufacturing industries such as: FMICG, Healthcare, Automotive and Electronics.

Flexlink at ACMA Tea Days with:

  • Compact Spiral Elevator: this gives increased access to the production floor and the possibility to transport goods vertically bridging height differences. The spiral-shape is key to its compactness (585 mm in diameter), offering 40% smaller footprint compared to common solutions.
  • RC10 – Collaborative palletizing unit: a standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot. Compact, quick to install and easy to configure. The collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots maximizing your production floor space.
  • X65 – conveyor: FlexLink offers a wide range of conveyor systems and handling functions for high speed production such as diverters, mergers, rotation units and buffers.