The rise of sustainable materials in the automatic packaging world-

The rise of sustainable materials in the automatic packaging world

The packaging industry is shifting towards more sustainable materials, driven by advancements in technology, changes in consumer behavior, and increased regulations. The FMCG industry is under pressure to reduce its environmental impact, with many brands committing to using 100% recycled plastic in their packaging by 2025 and developing innovative solutions such as biodegradable packaging as an alternative.

 The Coesia Engineering Center, a department of Coesia Group focused on technological innovation and sustainable solutions - has observed a strong focus on recycling and replacing unnecessary plastics with cellulose or new, green materials. The latest trend in sustainable materials include paper-based and mono-materials, both of which have their own set of challenges in terms of recyclability and performance. Overall, the industry is working to find the right balance between meeting sustainability goals and ensuring that the packaging can properly protect and preserve the product.

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