The benefits of integrated packaging lines

The benefits of integrated packaging lines


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Packaging line efficiency is a key issue for manufacturers in FMCG, along with partner choice and supply methods. Among the key features FMCG manufacturers take into account lies the capability of suppliers to manufacture and offer a full line from primary to secondary packaging, which implies many benefits such as having one single referent, increased line efficiency, and top layout flexibility.

We can speak of turnkey supply when the vendor provides all the services, from design, and manufacturing to installation and after-sales assistance, plus the willingness to take responsibility for all these steps.

The goal of turnkey integrated supply is to achieve a fully outfitted line ready for use, through a system built on customers’ specific needs. Installing an integrated packaging line simplifies customers’ activities, with positive results in terms of time saved and ease of connection with the referent supplier. These advantages are not merely operative, but administrative as well.

What to consider before opting for an integrated a packaging line

There are many factors to be taken into account when initiating a process to integrate a packaging line. The most important include:

  • production speed required and line balancing; layout design and usable spaces;
  • appropriate distance between machines;
  • evaluation of future production expansion;
  • packaging line workflow.

Furthermore, all these factors must also follow the principles of optimisation of energy consumption and raw materials. The benefits associated with an integrated line also lie in efficiency and cost control:

  • TCO is on average lower vs. a non-integrated plant;
  • faster start-up times;
  • possibility to reduce manual activities in the line.

There is one final element that should not be overlooked, and which concerns the quality. When a company manages the whole project from design to implementation, it is easier and more straightforward to ensure superior quality for your end products. Indeed, the supplier can set the quality level best suited to the design and ensure that each team – design, production, and installation – provides the same level of quality.

On the contrary, when turning to multiple suppliers, there is the risk of having a lower level of quality in some process steps, with possible machine stoppages and subsequent specific assistance interventions.

The single supplier for integrated lines: ACMA and turnkey solutions for packaging

As we have seen, choosing a single supplier for the entire integrated packaging line is the ideal solution as it allows the optimisation of the entire process.

ACMA is a solid partner of best-known brands - especially when it comes to Confectionery and Tea – able to pack different prodocts in diverse packaging formats and styles – from primary to secondary packaging - through both low and high speed machines.

Let’s consider the example of an integrated candy’s primary and secondary packaging line. ACMA defines the layout of the line with the customer, taking into account the its footprint in production pla. The production packaging line starts with a first machine that inserts candies into the flip-top boxes. The second machine supplied by ACMA overwraps with cellophane the boxes. Through the conveyor, we get to the machine for the carton box forming that creates the display box.

The advantage of turning to ACMA doesn’t end with these extremely performing machines. In fact, thanks to the partnership with the other Coesia companies, ACMA can provide solutions for other phases of the production process, making the integrated packaging line even more optimised: conveyor belts, different types of digital printing (on-line and off-line), and palletizing solutions, just to mention some examples.

As in the Confectionery technology, ACMA proposes integrated solutions in Tea too. ACMA equipment can in fact handle the entire packaging chain, from primary to secondary packaging in diverse types: from single envelope for tea bag into carton boxes with different closures, to pouches with nude or pre-wrapper teabags, to bags-in-bag and sleeve boxes.

Customers can choose their preferred packaging, and have the flexibility to change module in the future to adapt to the market or enter with a new packaging style.

The advantages offered by ACMA and the Coesia

  • All machine models on offer are made directly by ACMA, which ensures quality and assistance;
  • The client can rely on a single interface and comprehensive management of the whole project;
  • ACMA optimises line design with respect to available spaces.

Thanks to 95 years of innovation , ACMA can ensure cutting-edge, comprehensive and high-quality service: from design to concept, testing, and the final installation phase of the entire integrated line, and a top class service level through the all life of the machines.

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