New machines' naming

ACMA has adopted a new approach in naming its machines: a logical next step for the business as it embraces an increasingly customer-centric and sector-focused way of working. The aim is to make different machines easily identifiable simply by name, reducing all information concerning the product category, the production performance and any special characteristics of the machine - such as the style of wrapping possible - to only a few letters and numbers. 

How does it work in practice? The first letter now indicates the products the machine 
should be used for, as T for Tea, C for Chocolate, S for Soap bars etc. The second letter 
points out the type of packaging. The subsequent numbers indicate the maximum 
speed of the machine. Lastly, some models have a final letter which indicates a special 
characteristic of the machine, for example: ​

  • CW 600 FChocolate, Wrapping, 600 ppm, Flat (flat-base chocolates)

This codification will make it easy for the customer to identify a machine line, as an 
example a soap line to have a flowpacked soap bar in a carton box, will be composed 
by three machines of the “S series”: 

  • SF 450: Soap, Flow packing 
  • SZ 450Soap, (Z) Infeed & Distribution 
  • SC 550Soap, Cartoning 
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