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EcoShell: ACMA’s solution is one of the finalists of the 2020 Packaging Oscar

Nowadays sustainability is much more than just a slogan. It represents a fundamental requirement that must be satisfied to achieve economic development that is harmonious with our ecosystem.

Driven by this conviction, ACMA constantly promotes research on packaging solutions from sustainable materials with innovative forms and features which improve the consumer’s experience. One of the main areas of application is the confectionery sector, where the use of plastic is still prevalent, particularly in the packaging of sweets and chewing gum.

The latest result of its research is EcoShell, a cardboard package with an original design that enables plastic to be replaced, while also innovating the dosage system for the product compared to traditional cases.

The project was developed by the team at COESIA’s Packaging Innovation Center for applications in the confectionery sector (sweets, chewing gum, chocolate candy), but is also perfectly adaptable to other sectors, such as the  pharmaceutical sector (for supplements or tablets with active ingredients) or the cosmetic sector.
The characteristics which have made the new packaging successful include:

   - Sustainability - the replacement of plastic with cardboard means the product can be recycled more easily and there is an increased logistic efficiency. Indeed, the assembly of the box begins from flat pack cardboard, which enables a reduction of logistic costs compared to plastic containers.
   - Innovative design - the charming shape and originality of the package, thanks to its innovative configuration that makes it unique in the world of boxes for chewing gum and sweets (that normally have rectangular shapes). The innovative shape is patented and led to the creation of a new technology (which is also patented) for producing the packaging on an automatic machine.
   - Special features - a product separation system for perfect batching, a flap to ensure it is easy to close, sturdiness as well as more practicality and hygiene for consumers thanks to the package’s proportions.

These aspects enable the brand to stand out in the market and offer an original consumption experience that is respectful of the environment.

Thanks to these features, EcoShell has been selected as one of the finalists of the 2020 Oscar dell'Imballaggio - a contest dedicated to outstanding Italian packaging - that  rewards the best packaging design from the perspective of technological innovation and sustainability. The winner will be announced in September 2020.

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