Soap Open House

ACMA strengthens its soap packaging portfolio

ACMA reaffirms its commitment in the soap sector, by developing two new high-speed soap packaging machines. In May, ACMA organized, in partnership with Mazzoni LB, an open house to present its two latest innovations: the SW 700 D Wrapper and the SC 700 D Cartoner.
Mazzoni and ACMA, moulding and soap packaging leaders respectively, combined their engineering skills to design the best complete line capable of producing and packaging 700 soap bars per minute.
The technological benefit of this partnership is a direct feed between Mazzoni’s and ACMA’s modules, thanks to an in-line product transfer without the use of conveyors. This feature prevents useless product handling, preserving its integrity and ensuring high quality standards, even at this speed. ACMA has highlighted this advantage in the machine names, where “D” stands for the Direct link between the two modules.
During the open house in May, held at Mazzoni LB’s headquarters, the customers coming from many different countries had the opportunity to see the SW 700 D Wrapper in action, connected upstream to Mazzoni’s STUR Ultra. This machine can manage soap bars of different sizes and shapes, and different wrapping materials (including BOPP), in order to meet the needs of the market, while maintaining a perfect wrapping quality.
Apart from SW 700 D, the customer had the chance to discover its cartoner twin sister on Videowall, the SC 700 D, a machine that packages the soap bars in cases, also designed to run in sync at 700 bpm with Mazzoni’s machine.

Both solutions offer maximum flexibilityeasy format changereduced cost/productgentle product handling and wrapping accuracy.

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