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ACMA Robotic Distribution: flexible systems to handle flat-base chocolate pralines with different shapes

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Traditionally, the packaging and distribution of delicate chocolate pralines required significant manual labor, which often led to a lack of quality and efficiency. However, thanks to the integration of cutting-edge robotics, Confectionery manufacturers can now ensure precision and consistency in every step of the distribution process and can flexibly adapt their packaging processes depending on production plans and seasonal necessities.

The new ACMA Robotic Distributions for flat-base chocolates (squared or seasonal shapes) are designed to handle various aspects of praline distribution with remarkable efficiency. From single picking up and orientation of random products to multiple picking up of chocolate pralines from a tray, these robots are reliable, precise and accurate. Equipped with advanced sensors and innovative programming, they can gently manage fragile products, minimizing the risk of damage, and can be easily controlled from a single HMI.

The robotic distributions are also flexible, as format changeover is simple and fast: to switch from a chocolate bunny to a heart or a chocolate bar, it is only necessary to change the suction cups at the end of the robot arm. This function makes it possible to significantly reduce format changeover times, maximizing packaging production times.

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