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ACMA Carousel: smart infeed system for CW 600 for flat-base chocolate pralines

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ACMA has an innovative patented robotic infeed system in its portfolio, designed for flat-base chocolate pralines. This cutting-edge system provides a highly efficient and compact solution for orienting pralines before the wrapping with ACMA CW 600.

Traditionally, the process of orienting flat-base chocolates for wrapping is managed with bulky technologies, with the wastefulness of space in the production line and energy consumption. But this new robotic infeed changes the game entirely. Equipped with an advanced vision camera, this solution swiftly identifies the praline defects, promptly removing them from production, and detects their orientation on the conveyor. Then, the robotic infeed, communicating with the vision system, can ensure the correct positioning of the products before the wrapping process, rotating the incorrectly positioned pralines 180 degrees.

Moreover, this new feeding system can operate at high speeds (up to 600 pieces per minute), double compared to the solutions commonly present on the market, guaranteeing - as per ACMA tradition - gentle product handling, energy saving and the possibility of retrofitting.

If you want more information on our ACMA Carousel infeed system, don't wait for it: get in touch today.

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