ACMA CARES Programme

ACMA CARES Programme, engineered to be always by your side

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, players are constantly striving to improve productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver high-quality products to end users. To give its customers concrete support, ACMA has developed ACMA CARES, a programme designed to keep machinery at pace with technological development, guaranteeing performance throughout the entire life-cycle, and getting the most out of every single asset.

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Through extensive field experience and large R&D efforts,  ACMA is able to offer its customers a constant up-to-date installed base and supporting services for extended usage. Customers can choose the most suitable solutions for their production needs, based on the following benefits:

Performance & TCO

  • To improve machines’ performance in terms of speed and/or OEE increase
  • To reduce operating costs through less waste, lower consumption, less downtime
  • To preserve excellent machine functioning over time


  • To handle new and different products (in terms of type, shape, and dimension)
  • To handle new and different packaging materials (including green ones)
  • To reduce changeover time

Product Quality

  • To improve packaging quality (i.e. less defects)
  • To implement systems to monitor product quality

Ease of Use & Maintenance

  • To simplify machine usage for the operators
  • To simplify machine maintenance for the technicians


  • To manage sustainable packaging materials
  • To reduce material and energy consumption

Safety & Compliance

  • To ensure the machine is aligned with the latest safety standards

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