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ACMA CARES Programme: elevating manufacturing experience

In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, where progress is relentless and innovation is paramount, ACMA stands as a dedicated partner in transformation. The company is thrilled to introduce ACMA Cares, a program designed to keep machinery at pace with technological development, guarantee performance throughout the entire life cycle, and get the most out of every single asset.

Unleashing the power of innovation

ACMA's extensive Research and Development efforts have given rise to solutions that allow customers to innovate models, keep electronics updated, extend machine lifecycle and be compliant with new sustainability needs. Within this program, specific solutions are engineered to add new machine functionalities or address obsolescence, allowing customers to expand machine capabilities and/or preserve their excellence over time, safeguarding substantial investments.

A valued partner to create a solid workforce for the future

ACMA Cares is more than just a program; it's an invitation to become active participants in the ongoing innovation journey. ACMA aspires to be more than just a supplier, it aims to be a partner in progress. In fact, by collaborating directly with ACMA, customers can contribute actively to the development of solutions specifically tailored to their production needs, collaborating closely with ACMA experts and engineering solutions that can shape the future.

Benefits beyond upgrades

Choosing ACMA Cares means embracing a multitude of benefits that transcend traditional upgrades:

Performance and TCO

Performance increase & Total Cost of Ownership reduction

Invest in long-term savings thanks to specific kits that improve machines' performance in terms of speed or OEE increase, reducing operating costs through less waste and lower consumption. This isn't just a cost-saving measure; it's a strategic investment in optimizing operational efficiency for future success.


Amplified flexibility

In a market where adaptability is crucial, ACMA Cares provides its machines with the tools to stay ahead, adding product styles or handling new packaging materials effortlessly while minimizing changeover time. This flexibility guarantees that the machinery can seamlessly adapt to the dynamic shifts in market demands.


Product quality increase

Product quality is not merely a metric; it represents a commitment, and ACMA Cares can assist customers in consistently fulfilling this goal. It enhances packaging quality, minimizing defects, and ensuring end customer satisfaction. The program introduces monitor systems that not only improve the quality of the packaging but also provides the tools to consistently monitor and maintain customers’ standards.

Ease of use and maintenance

Simplified usage and maintenance

In a world where complexity is the norm, ACMA Cares strives for simplicity. With intuitive interfaces, simple technology design and guided maintenance procedures, operating machines becomes effortless, enhancing overall efficiency. This isn't just about making the operations easier; it's about ensuring that the workforce can maximize its potential without unnecessary complications.


Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a responsibility, and ACMA Cares supports its customers to manage new green packaging materials and comply with evolving environmental standards. The program aims to reduce material and energy consumption, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. This isn't just about meeting regulations; it's about being a proactive contributor to a healthier planet.


Safety and compliance assurance

In a landscape where safety is non-negotiable, ACMA Cares prioritizes the security of its portfolio. By ensuring that machinery adheres to the most up-to-date safety standards, it provides operators an assurance of a secure working environment. This isn't just about meeting legal requirements; it's about creating a workplace where the team feels secure and valued.

Join ACMA on this exciting journey towards the future and ask for more info to understand the most suitable solutions for your production needs.

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