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Acmavolpak, new success stories on tea dedicated solutions

The market is showing increasing appreciation for AcmaVolpak’s solutions dedicated to tea, manufactured and marketed by the brand Tecnomeccanica: while Modula, the most recent innovation of 2014, is already in operation at a customer’s facility, Acmavolpak has received a large order  of T2.

Tecnomeccanica has received a large order amounting to ten machines from a very important South American player. Following the example of other important “big names” in the industry, Tecnomeccanica’s customer has decided to implement and modernize its production by integrating a series of T2, single chamber teabag machines. Each unit is equipped with a cartoning system and heat-sealed external bag, which makes it a complete line supporting the entire packaging process, both primary and secondary. However, T2 is also renowned for being the first full leaf tea packaging machine; the recent installation in Saudi Arabia testifies to the reputation of AcmaVolpak and the strong demand of full leaf tea, highly appreciated by traditionalist tea lovers. T2 full leaf tea bag is different from “standard” pyramid bags as it can be stacked inside the box; this ensures a better presentation of the product in exclusive packaging.

Great innovations also for T4 Modula, AcmaVolpak’s double chamber “knotted” packaging solution: the first unit has recently been installed at an international top player’s facility. Introduced to the public on the occasion of the latest edition of Interpack, T4 ensures a higher level of flavour and fragrance of the product. In addition to its performance in line with its category (T4 can package up to 250 bags per minute), this new solution by AcmaVolpak is particularly advanced in terms of sustainability and materials saving. The tea bag packaged by T4 is defined “the most beautiful in the world”: produced in non heat-sealed filter paper, it is 100% biodegradable and is sealed without using any metal staple in order to better preserve the genuineness of its content; an octagonal tag is placed on the front of the bag, while the string is attached underneath. These features make the tea bag aesthetically more pleasant and optimise brand visibility, thus supporting the customer’s marketing strategies. Also in this case, the exclusivity of bags is ensured: the string does not overlap with the label and there are no holes on the label, unlike standard bags currently in use.