QI 500

Filling and packaging machine for espresso coffee capsules (500 ppm)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Capsule Filling
  • INDUSTRY: Tea & Coffee
  • SEGMENT: Coffee, Other Tea & Coffee, Tea

Detailed Info

Product features
Aroma additionYes
Product stateLiquid State - Powder State
Product typeGround Coffee - Tea Leaf and Powder - Soluble Drink - Chocolate - Concentrate Liquid Drinks
Machine depth (mm)3674
Machine height (mm)2611
Machine length (mm)6890
Machine weight (kg)10500
Packaging range
Max external pack diameter (mm)51
Min external pack diameter (mm)30
Max internal pack diameter (mm)40
Min internal pack diameter (mm)18
Max pack height (mm)45
Min pack height (mm)18
Packaging features
Pack typeNot Self-protected - Self-protected
Packaging TypeExternal Cap - Filter Paper - Intermediate Disc - Internal Disc - Upper Internal Cap - With Top Lid
Other technical features
Packaging systemMap - Vacuum
Product changeover45 min
Product range
Min product weight (g)1
Value proposition
Value propositionBreakthrough innovation