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ACMAVOLPAK at Interpack 2014: solutions for Confectionery products

ACMAVOLPAK will exhibit some of its latest solutions for fast moving consumer goods sectors, including Tea, Coffee, Bakery, Beverages, Food, Personal Care, Home Care, Pharma and Confectionery products.  As for what concerns the latter, ACMAVOLPAK will show the following machines:
  • Acma M888.  Patented multi style automatic wrapping machine, suitable for a wide range of pre-formed candies and chocolate products, designed also for handling delicate candies like soft milk toffees, as well as flat bottom and spherical chocolate pralines, moulded and enrobed. Multi style wrapper model M888 combines the benefit of continuous motion in-feed system, namely higher speed and sensitivity in handling the product during the first wrapping phases, with those of alternated motion, offering greater precision during the final wrapping process.  Acma M888 is very flexible and totally accessible. The wrapping style and size changeover can be accomplished in less than 40 minute. The machine can make the following packaging styles: fancy, bounce, double-end-twist, Vienna bonbon and twist on top.
  • Volpak SI-280.  Availability, Performance and Quality, the three pillars for the development of the new SI series, designed to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The new SI-280 offer the possibility of producing larger pouch formats and even working in triplex, with all the advantages of the SI series. The new SI turns changing format into a controlled process by guiding the operator and leaving no room for improvisation.