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Tecnomeccanica: a lineup of customer-oriented solutions

A customer-oriented company since its foundation,  AcmaVolpak aims to satisfy both the needs of manufacturing companies in the consumer goods industry, and the requirements of final consumers. The tea sector provides a good example: the lineup of machines made in Bologna – marketed under the Tecnomeccanica brand – can meet a wide variety of requirements, such as saving packaging material and producing more attractive packaging solutions, to name only a few.

Market trends
Recent market research has shown an increasingly wider attention of consumers towards some aspects such as the aroma and the origin of the product, and the sustainability of different production phases, namely production, processing and packaging.  The “experience” that products offer is also important: taste, quality, excellent preservation are key factors, especially in the sector of food & beverage. At the same time, manufacturing companies are increasingly committed to reducing costs – including those related to packaging materials –  and installing lines as compact and efficient as possible. Whether multinational corporations or small local enterprises, customers request a ready, cost-effective service, and this is exactly what AcmaVolpak and Tecnomeccanica can offer.

Producing more with less
A good example is offered by T2 Prima High Speed, a continuous movement, single chamber tea bag machine that can process up to 320 pieces per minute. T2 has enabled the industry top players to cut their cost of labour and increase the efficiency of their production. Moreover, thanks to T2, the handling of the string during the packaging phases are more accurate ,problem of garbled strings during tea bag packaging has been solved and the quality of tea bags itself has improved of 60%. Finally, the tea bags are stored in boxes in a tidier, more elegant way, which helps promotion strategies. T2 is available in different configurations  (“Prima”, a basic version, “Full Leaf”, for full leaf tea packaging,  and the above mentioned “High Speed”) and perfectly meets the requirements of the industry, with its increasing demand for more-with-less production. That is why T2 has become, over the last few years, one of the best-selling solutions on the market. For example, last year ten machines were purchased in Chile alone, whose market was traditionally difficult to approach. If compared to a double chamber, T2 enables to cut the costs of packaging material of 40% and the investment of 50%, with no compromise on the quality of tea bags. On the other hand, this very quality gains terrain in the Gourmet, horeca and nutriceutical sectors.

B2B solutions, with an eye to B2C
Tecnomeccanica solutions do not benefit manufacturing companies alone. T4 Modula, a medium-speed, double chamber tea bag machine, provides an example of how final consumers can sometimes benefit from real production advantages. The tea bags produced by Tecnomeccanica’s latest solution have been defined “the most beautiful in the world”, since their tag is pleasantly placed on the front side; beside the aesthetic value, however, these bags are environmentally sustainable while preserving the aroma of the product. T4 Modula produces knotted tea bags without using any metal staples or glue, which makes them practical, pleasant and biodegradable.